If you haven't done it recently, then shopping around for cheaper energy is a great way to reduce outgoings.  For most, switching supplier won't be a problem, as all that changes is the person that bills you. According to Ofgem the average household can save more than £300 a year by switching suppliers, so it's worth the 20 minutes of your time it takes to run a comparison and switch.  


Grab your lastest bill, (if you haven't loaded it into Lifefyle then do it now so it's easier to access it in the future) to understand what you are currently paying and then head to an accredited comparison site to start the switching process. You'll find the list in the link below.

If you are worried about not being able to pay your energy bills because you are out of work, or if you have a pre-payment meter and can't get out because you are self-isolating then talk to your provider. The government have agreed an emergency deal with energy suppliers to protect the vulnerable. For specific scenarios, follow the Q&A below.

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