At the moment, if you pay for Sports subscriptions you'll be able to pause it during the lockdown period, but in most cases you'll need to contact your provider or use their online forms to apply for this. Some providers, such as Virgin Media, are also offering free channels for their customers to enjoy in response to the Coronavirus (which will happen automatically).


If you are at the end of your contract and are considering a switch, then in most cases this can be done remotely, without anyone having to access your home. However, if an engineer is needed, you won't be able to do this at the moment - so schedule some time in the future to book in an engineer.  

If you can't switch (or don't want to), it's still worth a phone call to your current provider to see if you can get the costs down. If you tell them you are thinking of leaving, then they'll often work hard to reduce your costs and bring down your monthly rate. If you are struggling with your broadband speed, then this is also a good negotiation point.

Click on the buttons below to set yourself reminders to pause your subscription or review your package.

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