The FCO advice is to not travel abroad unless it is essential, and that advice is indefinite. If you have booked a trip in the near future that needs to be cancelled then talk to your insurer about it before doing so. They'll advise you on how to go about it, to ensure that you can reclaim any sunk costs.


If you have booked a trip further down the line, contact your airline, travel company or transport & accommodation providers and talk to your insurance company. Do this before you cancel, as they may advise you to wait until closer to the time to review latest FCO guidance and may not cover cancellations at this point. 

This may sound counter-intuitive given it is uncertain when travel restrictions are going to be eased across the globe, but in the current environment many big name insurers are halting sales of all new travel insurance. Our advice is to renew your existing annual travel insurance policy so that you are covered for any trips you have already booked, however far in the future they may be. Check with your insurer at the point of renewal that trips booked already will be honoured before renewal. 

Click on the links to set reminders to review travel insurance expiration dates and to call your travel insurance company to discuss renewal and cover options for any trips that you have in the pipeline. We've also created a link to the latest advice from the foreign office for quick reference.

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