There's no better time than when you actually have a sustained period of time living in your home to see & experience all the things that you'd like to change to make life easier.  


Some of these things you can do as DIY projects, so compile your list and schedule reminders each day to get the job done. 


Of course bigger jobs, such as window improvements, insulation improvements, wiring, plumbing or building fixtures and fittings may need help from an expert.  With lockdown easing some outdoor work can now be done, but even if Covid 19 prevents the work from actually going ahead right now, there is absolutely nothing to stop you from listing and prioritising home improvements, researching costs and contacting service providers to arrange quotes.  If you're not sure where to start on finding the right person to help, then check-a-trade is a great place to start as is based on reviews from previous customers and scored across individual service components.

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