Understandably, with the Coronavirus outbreak, there has been a steep demand in people wanting to write or update their wills. As bleak as it is, Covid 19 is indiscriminate in who it affects, and so it is a good idea to have your affairs in order. While traditionally, creation of a will requires 2 independent witnesses on the signatory, new protocols are being put in place that allows this to happen remotely where necessary.


Some solicitors are providing a service whereby the will can be witnessed for you by 2 independent solicitors via video conferencing - so ask your solicitor about how this should be done. Schedule a reminder to review your will by clicking on the 'Review Will' button below.

For all of us, at this time, it's worth making sure that you have your legal affairs in order should the worst happen. Make some time to review or create your will and make sure that your legacy is in safe hands.  For more information on what you should consider, check out this useful information from the law society (link below). 

Lifefyle allows you to invite other members of your family to your account, so that they can access important documents.  Once you have uploaded your will, why not provide access to your account so that your family members can quickly access what they need if the time comes. (Click on the 'Invite Family Members' button below to invite family members). In your legacy folder it is worth including some notes about where the hard copy of your will can be found, along with the name and contact details of your solicitor.

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