Banks have cut interest rates to an all time low of just 0.1% in an effort to address the economic difficulties bought about by the pandemic. If you have a tracker or variable mortgage, you will see a benefit from the interest rate cuts. If you haven't already, then it's worth contacting your mortgage provider to understand what impact this will have on your monthly payment. If you can afford it, it would be prudent to put the difference into a savings account to either overpay at a later date or invest in something else - rather than just frittering away the difference.

If you are concerned about your ability to pay your mortgage at the moment, then you may be able to apply for a 3 month mortgage holiday until 14th July - although this is down to each individual lender. You must contact and  formally agree this with your lender before stopping payments - don't just stop any direct debits. It is worth noting that you will be responsible for the interest payments still, they will just be delayed - so if you can keep paying then do. Most banks are offering you the ability to apply for a payment holiday online - so check their website for details

Attached is a useful link that will provide more information on how this works from the FCA.  

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