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Work your way towards stress free school holidays.

Planning ahead for school holidays can reduce stress and worry.

It feels like the kids have just gone back, and yet Autumn is already in full swing. Half term is looming on the horizon and the Christmas school holidays are moving at a swift pace behind. 

Autumn is already in full swing, and half term is on the near horizon. Thoughtful planning ahead of time, will ensure a calm, more cost effective and fun filled break for all.

In theory school breaks provide an opportunity to spend some special time with our babies but the reality is often somewhat different. When 3/4 of households have both parents in employment (either in a full or part time capacity), school holidays can actually become a point of stress and anxiety. In fact, a recent study has uncovered that more than half of us worry about the cost of school breaks and how to keep the kids occupied, while a quarter of us get anxious about childcare arrangements and worrying about getting our other 'tasks' done.

We aren't in a position to change the system, but we can reduce those concerns through calm, thoughtful planning ahead.

Tackle the anxiety points now.

1. Share the load. We tend to focus inward when planning school breaks, but as the stats above show, we're all in it together. Reach out NOW to parents you know and trust to start the dialogue of childcare swaps. They're fun for the kids, leave you confident they're in safe hands and will keep costs right down.

2. Register your interest now. Often the better value, most fun holiday clubs get booked up fast! If there is a club that you are keen to get the kids into, email them now to register your interest and confirm the date that bookings open. Then, simply set yourself a booking reminder in Lifefyle.

3. Book in the 'must do's'. Doctors, dentists, haircuts, eye tests and any other check-ups should be booked now. You're more likely to get a time to suit your schedule and minimise the impact on your logistical arrangements!

4. Prep for the 'boredom'. Be realistic about the time that you are going to need for tasks, calls and work during the break and have a selection of activities ready to go (such as painting, reading, films and games).

Downtime for the kids is so important and they'll benefit from quieter, calmer activities.

Ditch the guilt.

The saddest of all the stats that came out in the research is that 1 in 5 of us worry that what we're doing to cover the school break isn't good enough for our children. Parent guilt in evidence! If you take the time to plan ahead now, you'll know that you've done everything you can to make the half term break and holidays as smooth and fun for the kids as possible. 

The Lifefyle app is available to download on iTunes and Google Play. Download it for free today and start planning ahead for the school holidays.


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