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Planners, publicisers and procrastinators: April's top life admin tweets

Yes, we know we are a teensy bit biased, but scrolling through Twitter to keep abreast of what people are saying about life admin, can really be quite entertaining! People are funny. Here's our selection of April's best for you to enjoy on your Friday commute.

First up is someone who has recently experienced the crushing reality of adulthood. You're not alone Kirsh, you're not alone.

At number 9, something a bit different. We also find sound advice on Twitter - advice that we should all follow.

And then there are the podcasts and articles that prove life admin is a universal problem, that NEEDS A SOLUTION (ahem, hello Lifefyle.)

Ok, that's enough of the serious talk.

Every month, we celebrate the procrastinators and their weird, wonderful (ok sometimes downright mundane) ways of avoiding addressing their To-Do List.

April is no exception:


5. Remember when it was sunny in April, on a bank holiday weekend?!

4. And then there are the people that just grit their teeth and do it. And don't they feel good about it afterwards!

3. Yep. We really are all quite easy to please...

2. Needs no intro.

And here we are, Aprils number 1. Not just because it features our Head of Product's favourite movie of all time (honest), top spot this month goes to Jo here, who knows that the secret to reducing stress, is to get your life organised. And ordering that Will writing kit? Life win.

You'll be singing Hakuna Matata all day now - sorry. (Not sorry!)

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