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Top 10 Life Admin Tweets of the last month

We know we're not Buzzfeed, but we sure do love a good list here at Lifefyle. That's why we built a pretty snazzy one after all.

Our secure, shareable online To-Do List isn't the only one we want you to enjoy though. Here is a less tech one for your scrolling pleasure: our team's hand-picked selection of the best life admin tweets from the last month.

In at number #10, this acknowledgement of how leading up to taking a holiday really makes you need, well, a holiday.

9. This lady speaks the truth. Who do we call to get this arranged please?

8. Some people genuinely love doing admin. Others, not so much.

7, 6 & 5. This lot have nailed articulating just how much life admin there seems to be

Yep, so much. On average 109 tasks per person, per year in fact. They didn't tell us it would be like this though, did they number #4?

How is anyone supposed to keep all those plates spinning? There's almost always something more urgent to be done...

3. ...or not done, as the case may be

2. Maybe we should all just admit it's a lost cause like Nat here, who almost won with this wry summation of the emotional impact of not having your life admin sorted

But we're more about celebrating here at Lifefyle. And taking positive steps, however small, in the right direction. So here's our winner - our Number 1 - because that satisfying feeling of getting something off your list should never be under-estimated.

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