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Start planning now for a stress-free Christmas.

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

It's time to talk about Christmas!

If you aren't in the Christmas spirit just yet then we're with you - but work with us on this. For most, the run up to the festivities comes with a LOT of life admin. At Lifefyle we're about helping you to focus on getting your ducks (or turkey's) in a row, so that when you're ready to embrace the true wonder of the holiday season you can do so without the cortisol increase. Below is the list of tasks that you might want to start to schedule into your Lifefyle account. That way you can start working through them at an easier pace over the next few weeks for a stress free Chrimbo.

How to get ahead.

Budget planning: It's a dull but good place to start. Knowing what you've got to spend across travel, hosting, food, gifts, decorations & activities will allow you to plan accordingly.

Logistics: Work through the when, where, how and who of Christmas. Book travel tickets & make any table reservations.

Meal Planning & Delivery slots: Grocery delivery slots over the holiday season go fast! Get ahead of the game now by roughly planning what food you'll need. Create basic shopping lists and book in deliveries as soon as they become available. You' can edit & change your orders later. If hosting, you also need to think about ordering that turkey (or alternative) too.

Master Gift List & Online shopping: Build up your gift list (think beyond family & friends to teachers, colleagues and stocking fillers). Split out your budget and start shopping from the comfort of your sofa now.

Wrap it up. Buy cards, wrapping paper & accessories now - wrap a gift or write a card or two in front of the telly each night.

Dust of the decorations: Pull out the decoration boxes, and think about what you've already got that you can re-use & re-purpose now. If you know what it is your missing/need to top up with, you won't find yourself buying on a whim.

Don't forget to think about stockings, wreaths, candles and the Christmas tree!

Finally think about the fun!

Book panto tickets, Christmas shows, leisure activities and any visits to see the big man!

Bring on the season without the stress:

This certainly isn't an exhaustive list, but the aim is to get thinking about the really time consuming stuff or the problem areas now. If you've got the core elements & events scheduled in, tickets booked and gifts under control you'll be in a much better headspace to enjoy the fun & frolicks of the festive season.


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