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Life Admin Tweets - March's Top Picks

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

March. The month that brought World Book Day, International Women's Day, Comic Relief, Mother's Day and a looming Financial Year End into our already busy lives. Also the month that brought some brilliant life admin observations into the Twittersphere!

Here are this month's Top 10 Tweets from our favourite hashtag. Enjoy.

10. We start with a procrastination-off. Kind of like a dance-off, but with the effort put in to everything except the actual dancing!

9. I don't know much about football, but why aye pet, I'm sure it doesn't count as life admin.

8. Kudos to this guy who has turned life admin procrastination on it's head then:

7. Next up... because March is busier than most, and because who doesn't love a bit of Pinkie Pie?

6. I think these guys are inclined to agree:

5. Yep, adulting sucks sometimes. But you're never too old for fish fingers, chips & beans.

4. Yes Brenda, yes it is

3. So many questions

Oh it's a thing alright. And the less organised you are, the more time you need to schedule for it. Lifefyle can help with that you know.

And because Lifefyle alerts you when something needs your attention, you can safely stop relying on yourself to remember everything...

2. ...which would probably help this month's runner up sleep better

Wry observations and awesome spreadsheet dreams aside, at Lifefyle we are passionate about making life admin more manageable, more efficient and less mundane. So (ahem), drum-roll please.

1. March's winner of the coveted and catchy award that is "March's Best Life Admin Tweet" comes from...

...the great outdoors:

Taking your life admin outside may be a new concept to you, but with everything stored securely in the cloud, and accessible from your mobile devices via Lifefyle, why not?

It's surely better than doing it on the toilet eh Greg?!

Sign-up for free today, and start making your life admin less ordinary.

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