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It's time to chill out and say adieu to the summer.

Autumn is now in full swing, and the woolly sweaters, coats, scarves and boots are slowly starting to make an appearance. Before we know it our entrance hallways will be full of clutter and our wardrobes bursting at the seams. Rather than let the seasonal 'creep' take over, make a definitive seasonal switch-over and reap the rewards in the weeks to come. Plus if you start to prepare yourself for the colder times now, when the time comes to hunker down you won't be left out in the cold.

A few things to do to prep your winter wonderland.

1. Take care of your winter life admin.

Use Lifefyle to schedule home maintenance tasks at a manageable and affordable rate. Book in the chimney sweep, order your firewood, get the boiler checked, clear out gutters and drains, protect your pipes with lagging and check that your insurance covers you for winter damage.

2. Store away your summer clothes.

Wash, fold and lay clothes flat in sealed storage bags, making sure that there is a little room for airflow. Protect clothes with moth repellents. (Try lavender bags to keep clothes smelling fresh). Place your clothes bags into a loft or attic space to relieve your wardrobe.

3. Load your winter emergency details. Add those all important emergency cover details and contacts into Lifefyle, so that you've got instant access to what you need if a pipe explodes or the boiler packs up (think home insurance, boiler cover and emergency plumbers).

4. Sort your entrance storage.

You can get really nifty & cheap storage solutions for hallway irritants such as scarves & gloves. (We love this idea from mycreativedays.com). Get boot racks out and thin down your coat store to every day items. The rest can go back to the wardobe (which has loads of space now the summer clear out's happened).

Set the tone for a cosy, calm winter

With winter prep in the bag, by the time the cold snap sets in you'll be able to really get out and enjoy what the season has to offer. Your mind will be calmer, you're home will be clearer and you'll know that if something goes awry, you'll have to covered in an instant.

The Lifefyle app is available on iTunes and Google Play. Download it today and get your self winter ready.


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