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It's our most valuable commodity, so why do we persist in wasting it?

They say money makes the world go around. And that’s true, right? The more you have, the more choices you have, and the more the doors of opportunity are opened. In truth though, it is not money that should hold the most value to us. The thing that provides us with the greatest opportunity to live a life less ordinary, is time.

Time can’t be accumulated. It can’t be saved up. And, ironically, this most valuable commodity is the one thing that is granted to each of us, in equal measure, every day. Perhaps then, the key differentiator between those that are truly successful in life and those that are not, is not in how their money is spent, but in how their time is spent.

It’s so easy to let time slip past without really noticing. How much time do you waste worrying about the things you haven’t gotten around to doing? When was the last time you declined an invitation to spend time with family or friends, because you’ve got ‘too much to do’? What activity or personal dream have you put off trying because you can’t find the time?

That’s the thing about life and the opportunities it throws at us. The more opportunity you have, the more life admin is needed to fulfil it – writing that CV for the new job, refinancing to get that dream home, changing insurance companies to save money for that course you want to enrol in, etc.

In fact, the average Briton completes over 100 life admin tasks each year. Life admin that MUST get done to allow us to progress. When you think about the time it takes to remember and find what you need for each task, let alone actually doing it, the time really starts to add up. And that is time that most of us would rather spend doing something else.

You see, the secret to an extraordinary life, is to efficiently and effectively manage the ordinary. It’s time management in all its banality.

The secret to an extraordinary life, is to efficiently and effectively manage the ordinary. It's time management in all it's banality.

The trick is in re-balancing the detail in order to unlock the potential. And we all recognise this in ourselves. In 2018, 3 in 5 of us made it our goal to better our organisation skills so that we can make room in our lives for self-improvement. Life admin takes time. And 'we don’t have enough’ of that and so we delay things, we put things off, we say 'no' or 'not now'. Opportunities are lost, time is wasted. And so, the cycle continues.

Lifefyle was created to help interrupt that cycle. It eases the burden of managing life admin. It can reduce the time spent worrying about what needs to be done and by when; it can stop you wasting your time hunting down the documents needed to complete a task or start a new one; it is with you wherever you are, so you don't have to put things off until you're home from that work trip; it can help you future proof your life and legacy estate, so that you won’t have to worry about forgetting again.

Lifefyle can give you the freedom of time. And time after all, is the one thing that provides us with the greatest opportunity to live a life less ordinary.

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