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Lifefyle provides a real & tangible solution to the life admin problem. But is it REALLY safe?

Security is a hot topic for us. It would be ludicrous and irresponsible to develop a product like Lifefyle if it wasn’t. We’re up there with the most advanced platforms available and Lifefyle is hosted on the same platform used by Bloomberg, PayPal and the Airbus Defence, to name but a few. Our product architecture has been designed with manifold layers of protection & encryption to ensure that our members private information and data stays exactly that. Private. And safe.

When people ask us about our security measures, we explain how data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and how we offer up the benefits of using the cloud instead of physical servers in a shared data centre somewhere. We talk about how we use security keys to identify our members at log-in or list the tests that international ethical hackers and security consultants SE.CR have performed on our platform to validate that Lifefyle is as impenetrable as possible. Sometimes we’ll launch into details of code coverage, 4096-bit RSA encryption, GDPR compliance, timed auto log-out, our Customer Support policies, and a reminder that on top of all this Lifefyle includes two-factor authentication which any member can opt to switch on at any time.

In short, the message is clear. Data security is something that we take extremely seriously – and we have done everything within our power to ensure that the information people choose to entrust in the system is protected at every level.

But does any of it really make people feel any better?

Well yes, of course it does. But for most of us, it’s not quite as simple as that.

We’ve come to realise that making people comfortable about putting their life admin online is not about whether Lifefyle is meeting the gold standard. (We are by the way). Rather, it’s about the fact that for most of us, the online world is still a bit of a black hole. It’s like a new world language that we are all desperately attempting to learn – but the language keeps evolving and iterating and so the task of fluency is impossible unless you are someone that grows up speaking it or can dedicate your life to learning it.

Whatever we say, and whatever we do, it’s not really the security of Lifefyle that people are questioning. It’s the security of putting things online in the first place.

So rather than trying to reassure you on the robustness of our security, we thought we’d turn the question on its head for a minute, and ask this:

Is having your life admin on a platform like Lifefyle safer than any other offline alternative?

Spoiler alert: It is.

No-one can categorically know that their possessions will never catch fire, or that they will never, ever be a victim of theft. Of course, we all sincerely hope these things won’t happen. And we don’t just hope - we acknowledge there is a risk, and we do something about it. We mitigate against that risk with all manner of things like smoke detectors, gas safety checks, locks, alarms, cameras, insurance and just being careful about what we have on display at home or when we are out and about.

In a lot of ways, it’s the same with storing your stuff online. No-one can tell you categorically that your data will never be breached online, but the owners of those platforms should (and generally do) mitigate against the risk with extreme care and by using every cyber-equivalent of lock, alarm, decoy, processes and insurance they have at their disposal.

It is important to understand though, that platforms like ours offer two additional and absolutely critical safety enhancements: encryption and back-up.

If you’re one of those people who spends half a day in the period between Christmas and New Year transferring all of your necessary information, birthdays, emergency contacts in fountain pen into next year’s diary, which your Mum has given you every Christmas since you left home, then listen up.

If you lose that diary, it is gone. Everything is gone. You have to start again. Of course you will have a lot of the information on your phone (already stored online), or your emails (also stored online), and can get what you are missing from family, friends and service providers (who will have it already backed up online). It is extremely unlikely that everything will be recovered though, and that there will be no missed appointments or balls dropped as a result. And it is a mammoth task to gather it all in.

Worse still, if it falls into the wrong hands, the person who now has it can read it. Within minutes they’ll probably know your address, some key account numbers or passwords, and when you are next going to be away leaving your house empty…

The same is true of cardboard box files and filing cabinets you use to store your life admin in at home. Not only does the reliance on single paper copies of documents make your life admin management inefficient, cluttered and tied to one location, but in the awful case of a fire, everything would be lost, and if it was stolen there is no code-breaking or unscrambling or reassembly required, everything can simply be picked up and read.

With Lifefyle it’s different. Getting access to your stuff is not the first nor the only hurdle that someone trying to get to it would face. Getting your data into a state where something can actually be done with it, is as challenging as getting to the data itself.

And you can’t lose it. As long as you can formally identify yourself, you can log-in from any device, anytime, anywhere. If, through some unforeseen issue, any part of your data was ever ‘lost’, it would be easily retrievable and restored from our back-ups.

Lifefyle exists because it can deliver serious mental and physical reward. In our opinion, transitioning your life admin onto a protected platform like Lifefyle is likely to be more efficient and less risky than whatever you are using now.

And because (as with most things in life) the more you put - the more you’ll get out, we will always have the privacy and security of your data right at the top of our agenda.

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