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How to spring clean your paperwork for the final time.

If you've decided that you’re in the spring-cleaning mood and have reached the point where you are in desperate need of an admin declutter and reorganisation day (groaaaan), then at least make it your last one ever with Lifefyle.

#1: Carve off some space.

Gather all the paperwork from the various places around your house -including your kitchen islands or drawers, letter trays, filing cabinets and desk drawers.

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#2: Get shredding.

Shred any bills, payslips or statements that are over a year and tax records or finance records that are over 7 years. Ditch receipts or warranties for old products or things you no longer own. Get rid of old appointments or invitations.

#3: Load and store your legal originals.

If you need to keep a hard copy to make it legal (e.g. birth or marriage certificates etc) then snap a photo and load it into Lifefyle.

Keep the originals in a safe or other secure place.

#4: For everything else, snap and load.

Take a picture of the document in hand and load it into Lifefyle.

Using A.I. assistance Lifefyle will help you to categorise based on your unique family structure, assets and estate.

Once you’ve loaded the documents (and if it’s not a legal original), then shred them. Don’t worry –when you need it, it will be there!

Plus, you’ll be able to access, annotate & manage your documents in your bespoke document repository.

# 5: Moving forward, streamline with a paper-free approach.

Snap, scan or batch load your statements, reminders, certificates and other important documents as they come in. Lifefyle will highlight key dates & deadlines to help you generate & prioritise your to do list. Plus, you’ll get reminders when the task is due.

Voila! Never go back to the paper clutter again. Be fully in control of your documents and have them all accessible at the touch of a button.

P.S. If you don’t have the energy to tackle it all in one go, then just start populating Lifefyle from now and apply the principles above moving forward.

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