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Hello March

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Every month has its own nuances - the things that come around once a year to add that little something extra into our already overloaded minds and calendars. In this handy infographic, the Lifefyle team share the one-off events in their accounts for this coming month, and the tasks they suggest will help prepare.

March is lovely. It's the official start of Spring here in the UK: bulbs are blooming, daylight hours are noticeably longer and our migrating birds come back and sing us good morning.

In many households, March is also one of those months where the treadmill has to run a little faster. On top of the usual monthly ingredients of your family's work, school & social lives, and some inevitable insurance, certificate or warranty expiry, we also have the delight that is World Book Day, the fact that the tax year end just around the corner, and Mothering Sunday to throw into the mix.

With Lifefyle on your side, you'll find things much easier to handle.

  • Quickly tapping in that to-do list which is revolving in your head will help you feel calmer - we guarantee you it's neither as long nor as difficult as you're imagining.

  • Don't take it all on yourself - with our Premium account, you can share the load and assign tasks to your partner or other family members.

  • Snap photos of any post that comes in, and upload it straight to Lifefyle - it will be 'read' & filed by our AI platform, and you will be alerted to any dates within the document that might need your attention

We can't stop the stuff from needing to be done, but we can organise & remember it for you!

You're welcome.


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