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Are you feeling blue?

This monday (the 21st January) is Blue Monday - ostensibly the most depressing day of the year. Its bleak name was originally thought to have come from a scientific calculation by university professor Cliff Arnall who looked at the combination of the gloomy weather, our lack of money (we’ve spent it all at Christmas and pay day still feels an age away) and the fact that our New Year’s resolutions have, by this point in the month, well and truly gone down the drain. Ugh!

Evidently the 'science' was complete nonsense and Blue Monday was actually just a really (really) clever PR stunt by a travel company who wanted to get us thinking about holidays…so that as soon as pay-day came around we’d be ready to hand over our cash in search of bluer, sunshine filled skies! It was perhaps a 'little' bit disingenuous - but if it leads me to snow-topped mountains or the bluest of blue water, then I’m happy to get behind it.

Blue Monday - the most depressing day of the year and when we're most likely to book our next holiday.

The thought of heading off on holiday might take us to our dreamy, happy place but the thought of the planning and preparation required beforehand is enough to stop your day-dreaming in its tracks. Never mind the physical paperwork! The car hire forms, visa applications and accommodation confirmation emails all the way through to your flight tickets and travel insurance documentation can leave you having to buy a second suitcase just to cart it all around with you.

No more! With Lifefyle, you can use the Travel & Leisure section to capture, manage and store all your holiday admin as you go. Whether it’s immunisation certificates, flight or insurance details or accommodation bookings you can simply snapshot a record and upload it into your bespoke holiday folder. With the family account you and your partner or children can access all the details easily wherever they are, whenever they need to – in real time.

Plus, in advance of the trip, you can use the task manager to create the schedule of to-do’s that have to happen to ensure the holiday runs smoothly – from booking those holiday vaccinations with the GP to remembering to buy that twin pin travel plug or portable deodorant! You’ll be able to quickly and easily see what’s been done and what’s left to do before you go – making the planning, packing and preparation side a breeze.

So, if you’ve given in to the gloomiest day of the year and booked a holiday then click here to start your free 60 day trial and get on top of your to-do list today.

(P.s. If you’re not heading off on holiday, don’t feel blue. There are loads of ways that Lifefyle can give you back some ‘me’ time. Click here to learn more).

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