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7 winter rescue remedies to have to hand for a little light relief.

While winter is a wonderful season, it's also the time when we are all a little more vulnerable to illness. Often, antibiotics and over the counter medicines aren't much use for a common cough or cold. While we would never want anyone to take any medical risks, if you've been told by the doc that you've just got to ride it out then there are a few things to consider stocking up on in addition to your standard medicines.

Take some of the stress out of shivery colds and blocked noses by getting prepared and stocking up on these natural comforters to bring a little relief when our immune systems have taken a knock.

1. Vitamin C or multi-vits: It's a good idea to have a daily dose through the winter months for an immune system boost.

2. Honey: Nature's healer, it's anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties make it great for relieving coughs and sore throats. Combine with ginger or honey in hot water for a wonderful, comforting drink.

3. The old Hot Water Bottle: An instant, almost magical comforter! Pop under the duvet to warm up shivery beds, relieve pain, soothe a poorly tummy or aching limbs. It's also just the best thing to have to had for tired little people to snuggle up with in front of the telly.

4. Epsom salts: Add to a bath to help lower a fever and reduce aches & pains.

5. Saline spray: A quick squirt will make it easier to breathe and help to clear blocked noses.

6. Tea tree oil: A natural antiseptic with antibacterial properties - it's great as a spray to keep surfaces free from germs or wiped across a scrape to help prevent infection.

7. Lavender oil: Bring on the relaxation! Great in a vaporiser, in the bath or add a few drops on the pillow to aid calm.

A little preparation can bring a wealth of comfort.

There's nothing that brings on the parent guilt more than seeing our little one's suffering when they are under the weather and we've got nothing to hand to help ease their discomfort.

Add the above to your next weekly grocery shopping list or online order - they are relatively inexpensive, will last you through the winter and will allow you to be on hand with some light relief when the winter ailments kick in. Another thing ticked off the life admin list.


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