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3 steps to revamping your resolutions.

Undoubtedly 2019 began with gusto. As the clocks chime in the New Year, even the most cynical of us find it hard to resist that feeling of optimism and opportunity. We make our resolutions and promise ourselves that this year we will DEFINITELY stick to them.

“I’m going to lose weight”, “I’m going to get on top of my finances”, “I’m going to make more time to see friends”. We’re ready to kick out those old habits and negative thinking. We are ready to start afresh.

Yet, here we are in just mid-January, and chances are that the earlier determination and resolve has already fallen by the wayside. Don’t beat yourself up - you aren’t alone. According to research a whopping 80% of us have abandoned our New Year’s resolutions by February*.

Why - well who knows? Perhaps it’s because when we made our resolutions we’d just come out of the delicious indulgence of Christmas, and had had the chance to ‘mentally declutter’ - we were feeling re-energised and those commitments suddenly seemed attainable? And maybe, just maybe, as we settle back into our ‘normal routines’ - the whirlwind of school runs, office politics and the ever-increasing to-do list at work and home - those lofty promises all too quickly become just that. Lofty. And who’s got the time or patience for that?!

But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. This year, rather than completely abandoning your good intentions, just moderate them.

Turn your can't do into a can do with these 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Think small to think big.

Break that big thinking into manageable, achievable chunks and tasks.

For example - If you want to lose weight - start by simply writing down a meal plan. Then write a shopping list. Do an online food shop. Batch cook what you can. Or, if you want to review your finances – start by picking just one specific area that will make a big difference to the your wallet. Perhaps it's your energy or mortgage provider? Block out some time to review your current deal. Use an online resource or broker to check for other options available. Gather your latest bank statements. And so on.

Create milestones on the journey in order to reach your ultimate goal. Then focus on each task in turn, and in small time increments. You don't have to solve it all in one day! Each milestone that you reach, each tick on your to do list will make you feel happier, more motivated and more likely to succeed.

Step 2: Tool Up:

If you were embarking on a new project at work, you wouldn’t just hold all of the project components in your head. You’d use a project management tool to create a task list or break down the tasks into timely chunks. You’d create a file structure to store your important documents, and so on.

Transfer this thinking to your home life. A life admin productivity tool like Lifefyle will help you to create task lists, capture & organise your paperwork and store important documents that you need to refer back to.

Step 3: Do it together:

It’s well documented that if you embark on something with someone else then you are more likely to succeed at it. That way you’ve got someone to share the journey with, talk through the pro’s and con’s with or just have someone to egg you on when the motivation wanes. The same applies in managing and organising your life. Share your to do list with your partner, collaborate on tasks, communicate your thinking and then enjoy your successes together.

Start by taking 5 minutes to write down your first new year's resolution. Map out the end goal and then break it down into manageable stepping stones. When you look at it that way, perhaps it will seem much more reasonable than you first thought. Maybe those lofty self-promises won’t have been so lofty after all?

Lifefyle is an online platform created specifically to help manage home life and life admin. Using AI assisted tech, Lifefyle offers an all-encompassing solution that helps you to stay productive and in control when you’re getting on with living life. From day-to-day appointments, invitations and must-dos to the big, important stuff like mortgage renewals, life assurance or childcare, Lifefyle has your back. Smart, intuitive tech combined with a secure, instantly accessible document repository will mean that you'll have all the information you need to run your life at your fingertips, wherever you are & whenever you need it.

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*US news research; Published Dec 2016

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