Reviewing, sorting and de-cluttering your paperwork, documents and appointment cards will give you a deep sense of satisfaction if - like most - you have left piles untouched for some time.  Keep it really simple to start with by finding all the paperwork piles in your house and moving them all together. You can do this as one hit, or tackle an area at a time - just depositing all paperwork into one place.


When you have 30 minutes to set aside (click on the button below to set a reminder), use the time to sift through your gathered documents and sort them into 3 piles:

1) Needs to be disposed of.  2) Needing action.  3) Needing filing. 

For pile 1, schedule some time to shred/burn these documents. Click below to schedule a reminder.

For each item in pile 2, if it takes less than 5 minutes do it immediately. Otherwise, load and task each one. Snap and load the document in an instant and then attach a task to it, with the deadline for when you need to have completed it by.  

For pile 3 aim to load and file each one over the course of the month. Lifefyle's document reader will suggest file names and categorisation based on who the document is from. 

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