If you don't have life assurance and need cover, then move quickly, before the insurers start to follow in the footsteps of the travel insurance industry and halt new sales. Some already have introduced exclusions for Covid 19, or have rules around payouts if you contract the virus and have only just set up insurance.  You can use a comparison site to help you find options, but you MUST check with them to ensure that it covers Covid19 before signing on the dotted line.

The good news is that for existing policy holders, your life assurance company will pay out in the event of death from Coronavirus, but please contact your Assurer now to confirm. Select the 'Contact Life Assurer' button to schedule a reminder.

Critical illness and income protection is more complicated, and often will only pay out if there are serious health issues that come about as a complication of contracting Covid 19 AND if those illnesses are already covered under the specifics of your policy. Please check with your insurer now and talk to them about making any changes that would provide you with extra comfort. Click on the 'Explore Critical Illness Cover' button to schedule a reminder in your Lifefyle account.

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