Private & independent hospitals are boosting emergency capacity to put at the disposal of the NHS in these unprecendented times. As a result of this, there is a requirement across the board for prioritisation of healthcare to support the most vulnerable.


This could impact on any private treatment that you have scheduled under your health insurance, and delays for non-urgent treatment are expected across both the private and public sectors. Contact the hospital where your treatment is booked (if it is in the next month) to find out more.


For new phsyical or mental health issuess, Remote & Virtual consultations are becoming available along with direct access options (ie. removing the need for a GP referral) so please contact your insurer for more details.  

NB. It is unlikley that should you contract Covid19 and require hospitalisation you would be entitled to priority care or be able to opt for private treatment, but rather would be admitted to hospital as an NHS emergency. If you are concerned, or high risk it is worth clarifying with your insurer. (Click the 'Contact Healthcare Provider' button below to set a reminder to do this.) We've also included a link to Bupa's Coronavirus hub which covers off some of the issues impacting the Private Health Sector, but all major issurers have their own so check your preferred option. 

If you don't have private health care, it would be worth looking into it now - as it may help you to fast track any medical treatment that arises in a time where pressure on the NHS will be at a peak for sometime, and then will be playing catch up.  That way, if non-urgent medical treatments arise, you will be much more likely to get treatment faster.

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