It's really important that you don't neglect your health while in lockdown. If you are feeling unwell or have an underlying health condition that needs attention then make contact with your GP. Many are doing online consultations now, and can arrange for prescriptions to go direct to the pharmacy. Some pharmacies offer a home delivery service for the most vulnerable patients or those self-isolating, so it is worth checking. 


The NHS has paused non-urgent screening programmes, such as cervival screening and mammograms at this time to ease pressure on the system. However, if you are concerned then you should still contact your healthcare providers.  If you were due a regular screening, then shedule a reminder in the next three months to rebook. 

For non-urgent appointments and regular check-ups try to book an appointment on line now if you can, or schedule a reminder to book in appointments for a couple of months time, when hopefully things have calmed down. Lots of people will be wanting appointments once social distancing restrictions have eased, so book them in soon to avoid a further delay when they do.

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