Go through direct debits to review what you are paying for right now that you shouldn't be due to cancellations, closures and restrictions.


Contact gym, sports and clubs to pause memberships etc, and think about the subscription to BT Sports / Sky Sports that is redundant now that all the sporting events are cancelled. You could stop paying for it by contacting them directly, or switch your fee to a different product with plenty of movies.

Charities have been hardest hit by cancellations since the outbreak, so while it's tempting to change it completely, consider whether you could remain contributing to those that are most vulnerable even if it's at a reduced level.

For larger direct debits, such as utilities or mortgage payments, don't be tempted to cancel direct debits without talking to the providers first, as unauthorised missed payments will be bad news in terms of charges or credit scores. Most businesses are trying to be as accommodating as possible throughout this crisis, so talk to them. 

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