You many think this one isn't relevant to you if you are happy & fulfilled in your work, or you're thinking now is NOT the time to be adding more change and instability to life so you're going to stay put in your current job for the timebeing.

Well, whatever your employment situation, and however happy you are in your job, it is always advisable to use some downtime to update your CV and LinkedIn profile - particularly at times like these, where the future of the economy remains uncertain.  These are not just tasks to do when you are actively job hunting - in fact it's better to update your LinkedIn profile when you are in employment because (a) it's easier to write positive things about a job you are currently doing and (b) if you only ever update your profile when you're job hunting, it can alert your employer to your intention before you are ready to do so.

Use this time at home to jot down a couple of paragraphs and statistics about your current jobs / volunteer work / recent articles you've written etc.

You will be so grateful you did this when the time comes that you do need an up-to-date CV as the process will be much quicker if your recent employment history is already documented and you can focus your energy on that compelling intro, targeted to your dream employer rather than digging up facts & figures about old jobs and projects.

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