In the same way that GP's are offering video/telephone consultations during lockdown, so too are Vets. Most pet insurers will cover the cost of these consultations, but make sure that you get pre-authorisation first. Similarly, if your pet's scheduled treatments are delayed, then talk to your provider about what this means to your cover. If you are hospitalised and need help with boarding fee's you should be covered too (although usually to a maximum daily limit). Claims can still be made during lockdown, but will have to be submitted directly to your insurer. 

As with your own private health care, insurance for your pets becomes more costly the older they are or if they have pre-existing health conditions. So, beware and check these out before switching.  

However, if your pet hasn't had previous treatment for an ongoing condition, then shopping around can save you a substantial amount. It's worth noting that in these unprecedented times a number of insurers are not accepting new customers, so don't terminate your current policy unless you are sure you will still get cover.

Check the details of what's included and what limits there are - its likely that you won't be covered for routine vaccinations or flea/worm treatments but rather for bigger non-routine treatment. (Ask your vet about their healthy pet club offers to cover the routine stuff as you may find it worth while). It's also worth considering how much you'd be happy or able to cover as excess increases reduce the ongoing insurance cost.


If you have more than one pet, then you'll often find discounts associated but it's always worth double checking for individual cover too.

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