Home insurance, for most of us, is a hefty part of our monthly financial outgoings - and yet, most of us fall into auto renewal and therefore are significantly overpaying. You don't see discounts on renewals in the most part, so it's always worth shopping around each year. 

It's important that you get the right balance between buildings and contents insurance and watch out for the caps across the different areas.  If you have a good rebuild valuation then use that rather than an unlimited rebuild cost on buildings, and make sure that you don't under-cover on contents as you'll find that when the time comes to make a claim there are limitations to your payout.  Also, consider enhancing security measures on your home (with locks and alarms) as this will help to reduce your insurance quote.


3 weeks before your renewal date is the optimum time in terms of getting a competitive quote, so load up your insurance documentation into lifefyle, and set a review reminder for 22 days prior.

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