It's amazing how cleansing an organised inbox is, and yet the longer you leave it, the more painful the job of decluttering it becomes.


Go through your inbox, for 10 minutes each day. Delete old, junk or redundant emails. If you have regular marketing emails that don't interest you, then click into one from that business and select unsubscribe.


Share any important attachments to your Lifefyle account.  Simply click on the sharing options and select Lifefyle.  Any documents will be forwarded to your account and will be waiting in your pending documents, ready to be categorised, named and tasked when you next log in.

Set up some rules for future emails, to help your inbox remain organised. Create 'rules' for different emails to be sent to different folders in the future - for example, why not set up a Lifefyle folder with rules for all your supplier emails to be sent directly there. That way, all you need to do is go through that folder from time to time and upload those all important docs or forward the attachments to Lifefyle without having to sort them out first?

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